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Currency - All prices are in AUD

Currency - All prices are in AUD

Flap Discs & Flap Wheels

  1.  The right speed increases the service life of a flap disc by up to 100 % - virtually doubling the life. The optimal speed for flap discs is between 5000 - 8000 rpm, depending on their size and the material surface. Used at the optimum speed, they achieve their optimum grinding capacity and service life.  This can be accomplished by using a variable speed angle grinder.

  2. Flap discs both grind and finish in one step.  Therefore, the traditional two step process of using a grinding wheel and resin fiver discs is made obsolete.  Always go one level coarser with a flap disc as opposed to a resin fiber disc.

  3. flapdisc-flat.gifThe flat shape is designed to grind edges and flat surfaces with a working angle of 0° -15° degrees.

  4. flapdics-angled.gifThe angled shape is designed for spot grinding e.g. a weld seam with an ideal working angle of 15°-25° degrees.

General Recommendations in the selection of grits

  • 40 grit – coarse – for extra heavy deburring or grinding

  • 60 to 80 grit – medium – for medium deburring and finishing

  • 120 grit and finer – for cleaning and final finishing

Coated abrasive material types for metalworking

  • Good - Aluminum oxide is a general purpose grain and suitable for most general purpose applications.  It is specified for use on wood and most metals.

  • Better -  Zirconia alumina  grains are both sharp and durable, providing fast stock removal and longer life. They are used to greatest advantage in coarse grits on heavy-duty metalworking stock removal applications. 

  • Best - Ceramic grain series are special products for aggressive and cool grinding. These abrasives ensure faster grinding while at the same instance offering better surface quality and excellent stock removal rates. The cool grinding properties ensures an  extension of the service life and prevents surface discoloration. Ceramics are specifically applicable for grinding high alloyed steels, titanium, nickel alloys and all extremely hard materials


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